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"No government has the right to tell its citizens when or whom to love. The only queer people are those who don't love anybody. ~Rita Mae Brown, speech, 28 August 1982"

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WTF? of the Day: Youth Pastor Who Claimed He Could 'Cure' Gay Teen Confesses To Raping Him [TW: Rape, Sexual Assault]



Police have arrested the Sunday school teacher at the Polly Ann Church of God in Eubank, Kentucky, after a 16-year old student complained he had been sexually abusing him for the last six months. Rex Murphy (left) was charged with first degree sexual abuse, third-degree sodomy and using a minor in a sexual performance. According to the arrest citation, the unnamed victim said Murphy had touched him inappropriately at the church and at Murphy’s home, on at least ten occasions.

The boy told police Murphy convinced him he had the power to see all his sins by touching him. He said after his assaults, Murphy would threatened to kill the teen with “black magic” if he ever told anyone about what he had done. 

Eubank Police Chief Colin Hatfield:

"He was very scared, because the suspect, in the victim’s eyes, had been threatening his life in the form of Wicca, witchcraft, black magic."

Police say Murphy admitted to his crime, telling Lex18News that throughout the course of the interview, Murphy stated he knew what he did was wrong and also knew he was in trouble.

"It took us about an hour and a half, and each time the questions would come back around, he would add one more thing at the end of his statement," said Chief Hatfield.

The pastor at Polly Ann Church said Murphy is no longer part of their ministry and that church officials are handling the situation internally. He claimed he didn’t know anything about the allegations and doesn’t believe anything related to the charges happened on church grounds - even though the boy says it did. 

But for me, this the greatest indignity in this story: Murphy told police he lured the teen with a promise “he would be able to help the victim with his battle with homosexuality because he, too, had experimented with homosexuality.” How often do you see a religious homophobe conflating gay men and pedophiles? And how often does the real pedophile turn out to be the religious clergyman using his position to victimize a gay kid? 

So to recap we have:

  • A kid who didn’t speak up because he believes black magic is real and being gay is bad.
  • A pastor in denial who publicly had not one word of sympathy for the victim. 
  • A predatory clergyman who groomed his victim by telling him he can change his orientation. 

Chalk up one more victim of religion.

Source: Jean Ann Esselink for The New Civil Rights Movement

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