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Blood Donation.

Okay. So as the majority of the world knows, people who are gay or have had sex with the same sex are considered unable to donate blood. 

The first question that always comes to mind is, why is this a problem, if they have to test the blood being donated? Its so dangerous to give blood to someone that hasn’t had testing. I mean, there could be anything in it. Obviously they just don’t want to take the time to insure the safety and the individual rights of people.

Secondly, A.I.D.S/ H.I.V Isn’t wide spread like it was in the gay community in earlier years. Really the people at risk for having it are those who have had a lot of sex. I am in a committed relationship with my boyfriend, how could I contract A.I.D.S? There are many gay men that are in committed relationships now a days. 

Another thing about this policy is that people who aren’t gay get discriminated as well. Based on stereotypes, workers turn down some of the people coming to donate because they are “too gay” looking. Thankfully there are lawsuits against those people. 

I really think that they aren’t allowing a lot of people that would give valuable blood donations to the ones that need it. 

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