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"No government has the right to tell its citizens when or whom to love. The only queer people are those who don't love anybody. ~Rita Mae Brown, speech, 28 August 1982"

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I think I have a problem… Hoarders, the t.v. show, touched my heart.

It sounds odd, however, The first lady was this woman who was obsessed with cats, at first, you think, classic crazy cat lady and well she is, BUT she was just trying to feed strays, protect animals and make a place to protect them. However, she didn’t realize that the cats were making her home unbearable to live in, even for the cats. When they first came to her she said, “I have about 25 cats” by the end of the episode they found out she had over 41 cats and over 40 more cats had died in the piles of clutter that had accumulated due to her failing health and age. She thought she was saving them, but really was killing them. In the end, she realized her problems and got to keep 3 of the surviving cats after 10 more had to be put down. I mean can you imagine loosing 38 cats, having 10 put to sleep and more then 40 you didn’t even know had died?

Anywho… The part that really touched me was the boyfriend of the guy in the 2nd one. The hoarder started out by collecting the objects his mom, boyfriend, or family would give him. He would keep water bottles thinking that throwing them out would hurt his mother. Then it continued with his head telling him that to get rid of the dog’s hair was to get rid of a part of the dog’s, already short, life. The guy was on the verge of killing himself due to living in the clutter, hurting his family and his alcoholic dad he lived with. The boyfriend of this guy was so caring and through all of this, his mental break downs, his panic attacks, and first of all the clutter, he stuck with him. There were so many moments where he was there just to be a shoulder to cry on. I think that is a pretty honourable boyfriend. In most of these episodes the hoarders are alone or have been divorced because of the problem. Maybe I’m weird but that is really honourable to me that he stayed.

Maybe this effected me because I know that if Chris wasn’t my boyfriend and couponing was more accessible in Canada, I would be a hoarder. I love deals, hate throwing things away (We could need it later) and hate making decisions. I’m glad I have him because I also think that Chris would stick with me through it, no matter what and try to help me. As for the first one… I love animals, if I found a stray, I would love to keep it safe… however… 1. No money. 2. I would end up like that lady.

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The world is a mess and I’m sitting in luxury.

I’m very opinionated as mostly all of you know, but really, I have no back bone. Why do I even try to look all tough and mighty and try to make changes for rights that are almost already in place. Sure some places of the world hate homosexuals but really, we make up less then 8% of the population and in some places can marry. I’m fighting these rights while people around the world are dying from starvation, dehydration, disease, natural disasters and living conditions, while I’m lying in my bachelor apartment, upset cause I have a cold, missing my boyfriend and friends. In other countries people live to 30, there friends have already died and a cold is as common as A.I.D.S. 

How the fuck can I be happy with this. I’m eating meat thats been treated horribly with animal cruelty and killed while still awake. I’m eating foods I love while others waste away. I’m living 15 floors off the ground while others sleep there every night. 

The world is fucked up… but I feel like even though I’m sitting here thinking how much I want to change the world… I just couldn’t do all the things I want to. I couldn’t give this up, I love my life but I hate it too. 

I’ve always been privileged and I barely know pain, yet somehow on my throne I have felt so upset I want to kill myself. I have, obviously, no coping skills, no true knowledge of pain and no idea how cruel life is. 

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