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"No government has the right to tell its citizens when or whom to love. The only queer people are those who don't love anybody. ~Rita Mae Brown, speech, 28 August 1982"

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The world is a mess and I’m sitting in luxury.

I’m very opinionated as mostly all of you know, but really, I have no back bone. Why do I even try to look all tough and mighty and try to make changes for rights that are almost already in place. Sure some places of the world hate homosexuals but really, we make up less then 8% of the population and in some places can marry. I’m fighting these rights while people around the world are dying from starvation, dehydration, disease, natural disasters and living conditions, while I’m lying in my bachelor apartment, upset cause I have a cold, missing my boyfriend and friends. In other countries people live to 30, there friends have already died and a cold is as common as A.I.D.S. 

How the fuck can I be happy with this. I’m eating meat thats been treated horribly with animal cruelty and killed while still awake. I’m eating foods I love while others waste away. I’m living 15 floors off the ground while others sleep there every night. 

The world is fucked up… but I feel like even though I’m sitting here thinking how much I want to change the world… I just couldn’t do all the things I want to. I couldn’t give this up, I love my life but I hate it too. 

I’ve always been privileged and I barely know pain, yet somehow on my throne I have felt so upset I want to kill myself. I have, obviously, no coping skills, no true knowledge of pain and no idea how cruel life is. 

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